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Cocktail Glass 170ml


Cocktail Glass 170 ml

Ref: CO6587CP.

Price: 5,64 € / unit.


Capacity: 170 ml / 5,75 oz.

Height: 170 mm.

Diameter: 100 mm.

unidades caja productos giona 6 units per box.


  • One piece glass: Grater elasticity and resistance against hits and manual drying.
  • Heat treated glass: Higher resistance against blows and scratches.

  • Special rim treatment: Smooth and round rim.
  • Brightness and clarity: Guarantedd brightness and permanent clarity.
  • Washing: Suitable for daily use in a professional HORECA enviroment.


Giona Products, are made with the best material possible, crystalline, and with a rigorous manufacturing process that

ensures the high quality finish of all our creations.


sello certificado de calidad iso

"The ISO 9001 certificate" backs our most strict quality controls in the manufacturing process.

comunidad europea Giona manufactured its products in The European Union.

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